Speedy Peanut Butter Cookies (Free of Butter + Flour)

Curls and carrots


Sometimes, things occur by happenstance. Yesterday afternoon, a craving for something filling yet nutritious hit. Also, our pantry was void of fresh, soft and healthful cookies  for my one-year and three-year-old’s portable snack supply. An experiment in baking resulted – Speedy Peanut Butter Raisin-Oat Cookies.  There is no butter or flour in these cookies. Old fashioned oats, high in fiber and known for their association with reduced heart disease, replace the wheat. Peanut butter, a legume high in protein and a whole food, gives the “dairy butter” a swift kick out the door. Any nut butter would be delicious – work well – in this recipe if no peanut butter is on hand.

I chose to to use peanut butter as the nut butter for purely nostalgic reasons – childhood memories.  In high school, I often stopped at a small, independently owned bagel shop on the way to class…

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