Healthful Banana-Nut Bread

Here’s a healthier version of banana bread made by a versatile blogger and a friend, Shanna Koenigsdorf Ward. This would be great with a cup of tea for afternoon snack in a cold weather like today. To get the recipe, visit her blog at or click on the recipe title. Have a great banana nut bread day! 🙂

Curls and carrots

This week, I stumbled across one of Liz’s sumptuous pastry recipes on her blog, My Favourite Pastime. She makes a decadent and heavenly banana walnut loaf. Liz is a precise and skilled baker! Her gorgeous recipe inspired me to perfect my own recipe for a healthy, whole-grain banana-nut bread.

The Curls and Carrots banana-nut loaf is tender and moist, slightly sweet and sports a slight crunch from walnuts. Plus, it’s super salubrious!

DSC_1537The recipe uses 25% more banana than traditional banana breads, increasing the fruit content – we all know fruit is good for us! Fruit lends natural sugars to the recipe, so less processed sugar is needed. Here, Greek yogurt adds protein and keeps the bread moist while reducing the overall fat and cholesterol counts.

Delicate, whole wheat pastry flour add vitamins and fiber without imparting an overwhelming, unpleasant “wheat” taste. Soluble fiber from whole-grain oats help…

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