Love is the only solution

I believe God works in mysterious ways and uses people to communicate to us. My friend and I were going through some challenges in life and she encouraged me to just response with love. Then, Wilson Agaba happened to stumble upon my blog and liked one of my posts. I visited his blog and there I’ve read his latest post entitled “Love is the only solution”. I believe God wanted me to read it. This man’s real life story proves that love is the only solution. It reminded me of what my friend said, “three things last forever: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of this is love.” True enough. Love indeed is the greatest and it never fails. I encourage you to read this man’s inspiring story. May you be blessed! ❤

Storing Hope

Love is the only solution for all problems. This was my experience when I was facing a hard life, because I was born in a poor family, and I was not able to live with my parents. But my mom taught me how to love and the importance of love, and I had nothing else. So I used love to solve all my problems.

For example, when I moved into the city of Kampala in Uganda, I bought a piece of property and the city approved my land and put the landmarks around, showing where my property ends.

After a few days, my neighbor crossed over my landmarks and started using three meters of my land. Three meters in the city is very expensive, someone can start a business on that piece of land.

I told my neighbor that he crossed the landmark and took part of my land. He…

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