Prelude to Summer

 It has been an overwhelming month or so with so many projects to do, my blog, family responsibilities coinciding each other.  I took a break from time to time to enjoy the company of my friends and to enjoy nature.
 Lunch Date
My friend, her guest and I went out to lunch at this Asian Bistro in Chantilly.  She highly recommended this Bento box served with Miso soup, Shumai, California roll, rice and a choice of beef, chicken, shrimp, or salmon.  I chose salmon.
I was surprised how large the serving was, but I didn’t complain.  I loved what I had in my Bento box. It had all of my favorite Asian foods.

The salmon was succulent and very tasty. The vegetables were cooked perfectly.  It was an incredibly delicious and satisfying lunch. I was completely full and didn’t need to order a dessert.  However, my friend insisted on having the fried cheesecake.  Fried cheesecake?  Yes!  We all shared a slice. It was absolutely creamy and delicious!  My friend said “this is happiness. You can die now”. I must have heard the “mm…” sound until we finished the cheesecake lol.

The following day, I was craving the bento box, especially the sushi.  All I wanted to eat was the bento.  So, I made my own at home and will be sharing the recipes on my future posts.

God’s creation:  Tulips

Taking a break is necessary when you are almost at your breaking point.  So, I went out with my friends again to enjoy the bounty of spring; tulips.
I love flowers and tulips are one of my favorites.




There was that moment I felt completely at peace and one with nature.

 juliet and I
I can’t believe this is just around our neighborhood.  I didn’t know it existed until my friend told me about this place.
These were the tulips I brought home to share with my family.
I was so glad I went out with my friends.  My energy level was back to normal.  I was ready to tackle one of my big projects.  I’m so happy to say one of my projects went well.  To God be the glory.
Now, I can focus on my major project.  I can’t share it with you yet, since it’s still being decided on.
So, that’s what I have been up to.  That is why I was away from blogging and Facebook.
Memorial Day weekend is one day away and I will try to share a recipe as soon as I get a chance.  I wish you all a peaceful Memorial Day weekend.  I salute all troops for their service and dedication to fight for our freedom as well as to those who gave their lives for this country.  May God be with you all as you protect our county.  Thank you very much.
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12 thoughts on “Prelude to Summer

  1. The beautiful flowers rival your smile, and the delicious meal…I wish i was at that table…blended together they made very satisfying moments together. Thanks for sharing my sister!

    • Hello, Amanda. I’m so sleepy and will soon hit the sack, but I thought I reply to your comment right away. Thank you. I always appreciate your visit and the lovely comments. I’ll catch up and share it with you once it’s all done. Enjoy your holiday weekend. 😀

  2. Beautiful pictures and precious memories with very dear friends! I love what you did here Anna, great job! 👍 😊

    • Very well said Juliet. I’m glad you like what I did. I love it too. T’was an awesome time with friends I will always treasure. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a beautiful comment, Juliet. I appreciate it. God bless you!

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