How To Make Sushi Roll


Making sushi is actually very easy. It gets intimidating when you don’t know what’s involved in making it, but as soon as you try it, you will agree that it’s not as complicated as you thought it would be.

You will need to gather your ingredients and the bamboo mat for sushi making.  You can buy one at any Asian stores.  It’s really inexpensive. The price ranges from $2.99 to $3.99 depending on the brand that you choose.

You will also need a very sharp knife, a small bowl with water (to seal the end of the sushi), steamed white rice and whatever you want to add with the rice, cut up in strips vegetables of your choice, cooked seafood or any meat, and the other important ingredient: Sushi Nori (seaweed sheets).

Steam the rice.  Then, transfer the steamed rice into a large bowl.  You can add and mix the rice with cooked quinoa at this time.  Normally, you would sprinkle vinegar over the rice and mix it, but I chose not to.  You can add vinegar if you prefer.  Cool the rice to room temperature.  Once cooled, cover the bowl with the rice with slightly damp paper towel or plastic wrap to prevent the rice from drying out.  I used the Japanese Nishiki rice recommended for making sushi. I tried Jasmine rice. It works fine, but it wasn’t sticky enough.  You have to make sure that the rice is sticky (but not too sticky) and not too dry. Otherwise, you will not get good results. As for me, I  used Nishiki Japanese rice.

You are ready to make sushi.


Place the Bamboo Sushi mat on the cutting board.  Then, place a sheet of Sushi Nori over the bamboo mat with the shiny side down. Spread the rice mixture evenly over the nori and leave about an inch space at the edge of the nori.


Place your favorite fillings a little closer to the center of the sushi rice. Dampen the end edge of the nori with water.


Lift the bamboo mat by placing your thumbs on the back of the mat and the rest of your fingers holding the filling and begin rolling away from you.


Shape the sushi roll by pressing lightly with both hands while rolling.  Lift the end of the bamboo mat that’s under the sushi each time you roll until it’s near the end.


Keep rolling until the edge of the nori is place under the sushi.


You’re ready to cut your sushi.  Make sure the knife you’re going to use is very sharp; wiping each time you cut with damp paper towel . This will help prevent the filling from falling out of the roll.


Remove the bamboo mat and cut both ends of the sushi roll.  Don’t forget to wipe the residue off the knife with damp paper towel each time you cut.  Slice the remaining sushi roll  about 5 to 6 pieces depending on desired thickness.




You can place your sushi in a decorative  platter or in a to-go container. Refrigerate until ready for consumption.


You can just grab it when you are on the go.  Don’t forget the condiment and chopsticks. 😀


You are ready to make sushi with different flavors.  Enjoy! 🙂



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32 thoughts on “How To Make Sushi Roll

  1. I never imagined I could make my own sushi rolls. You make it look so easy. Omg thanks for sharing. Maybe one of these fine days, I shall give it a try!!!

    • I never thought I could either, Liz. It’s really easy once you give it a try. It’s so much better when you make it at home. It saves you a lot of money. Give it a try when you have a free time. 🙂

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