Why the Resurrection Still Matters


*This is a scheduled post. Thank you for reading.  

As Easter approaches, I have been thinking about what I should make to share with you all. A new recipe or my cake creations?  Maybe a DIY  fondant bunny to place a top of a cake?

As I was pondering about what to make, I came across the In Touch magazine that arrived in the mail and I got convicted.  It reminded me of the true meaning of Easter. I was even more convicted when I read about what Dr. Charles Stanley had said about it.

Sure, the bunny is cute and even impressive (to some) seeing it on top of a cake, but it’s taking away our focus on Jesus and the sacrifice He made long ago.

                                     ” Without the resurrection, Easter would be a big lie, our faith would be worthless, and Jesus’ death would have accomplished nothing”       ~ Dr. Charles Stanley

So, instead of making a fondant cake with a fondant bunny, I would like to share this very important message from Dr. Stanley about why the Resurrection still matters.  It certainly helped reaffirm my faith. What a blessing! I hope you will read through it.

Why The Resurrection Still Matters

By Dr. Charles Stanley

What does Christ’s resurrection mean to you?  Is it simply an event in the distant past with little relevance for 2016 or does it affect how you think and act each day?

Many people look at Easter as occasion for purchasing new clothes and going to church. But, it’s not just a day to celebrate the empty tomb and then move on as if nothing has changed.

Since we didn’t personally witness the risen Christ after His burial, imagining that first Easter morning is difficult. Not only that, but our traditional celebrations and familiarity with the story make it easy to overlook the stunning magnitude of what transpired. Then we run the risk of taking the resurrection for granted and missing the impact it still has today.

In Corinthians 15:13-17, the apostle Paul gives us a glimpse of the resurrection’s importance by describing what would have happened if Jesus had not been raised. Our Easter celebrations would be a big lie, and our faith would be worthless. Worst of all, we’d still bear the guilt for every sin we’ve ever committed-with no hope of forgiveness, salvation, or eternal life in heaven. If Jesus hadn’t been raised, His death would have accomplished nothing.

That’s why Easter is an awesome reason for celebration. Jesus died in our place to satisfy the requirement for our atonement- a price far too high for us to pay.  His resurrection proves that the Father was satisfied with His sacrifice (Romans 3:25) and counted it sufficient for the forgiveness of all our sins (1 Cor. 15:20-23). And because of Christ’s victory over death, we too will be resurrected and receive an imperishable inheritance reserved for us in heaven. This hope enable us to rejoice every day, even in the midst of trials and suffering (1 Peter 1:3-9).

So, if we attend an Easter service but remain unchanged for the rest of the year, we’ve missed the purpose of the resurrection.  Each day is an opportunity to let the living Christ impact our character, conduct, and conversation as we “put on the new self who is being renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the one who created him” (Col. 3:10).  In essence, we are displaying God’s nature with a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness, and love (vv. 12-14)

Jesus resurrection should also direct and motivate our mission. Christ told His disciples, “As the Father has sent Me, I also send you” (John 20:21))  Having seen the risen Lord and being filled with His Spirit, those first Christians spread the message of salvation throughout the Roman world. The impact of their witness was so great that they were described as “men who have upset the world” (Acts 17:6)

Throughout the ages, the gospel of Christ has continued to be proclaimed, and people all over the world have been saved. Today, it’s our turn to share the same message, which offers forgiveness of sins and the promise of eternal life to all who believe. No other major religion has a leader who overcame death.  How can we keep silent about the most important event that ever happened?

This month you will celebrate Easter by gathering with fellow believers,  joyously singing of Christ’s resurrection, and listening once again to the story of the empty tomb.  But don’t let the familiarity of holiday customs steal your wonder and appreciation. As you continue rejoicing at Jesus’ victory over death, look forward to that day when He will return and resurrect all those who have trusted Him as Savior. And keep living in the newness of the life that He’s provided for us through His resurrection power.

 Thank you for reading. Wishing you and your family a happy, peaceful, meaningful, and a blessed Easter from our family to yours.

~Anna ❤

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33 thoughts on “Why the Resurrection Still Matters

  1. I am sorry I did not get to read it during March…but the beauty of your personal words blended with Dr Stanley’s touched my heart also. My sister in Christ you know I love you and my heart dances with you spiritually! May Gods blessings surround you always with abundant peace, love and joy as you always do for us. Here is a poem for you,

    It sounds like you wrote it from your selfless beautiful spirit and heart

    Your Light

    Your light
    shines upon me
    and bears seed

    And the seed
    blossoms and shines
    back to you Lord

    Your love freely given
    to me intermingles with
    my love

    Becoming spiritual teardrops
    whose light happily returns
    to you…the praises of my heart.

    You have filled me with a lasting
    joy tonight Anna,,,God bless!


    • Better late than never, Brother Wendell. Thank you for reading through it. I’m glad that it has blessed you as it has blessed me. ❤
      To God be the glory my brother in Christ. I am touched by your generosity of words, love and wisdom. This is such a beautiful poem. You bring joy not only to me but also to many who read it for sure. Thank you for sharing your talent, wisdom and knowledge. God bless you. 🙂

  2. The message of the Resurrection to me, is not just to celebrate it once a year on Easter. No. Simply put, the message is to LIVE the Resurrection every day, every moment, to walk in LOVE and Victory. What a beautiful message, Anna, and I thank you for posting this. I am not one of those who buys new clothes and eats lots of candy either. I’m one of those who have dedicated their lives to walk the message out daily in every aspect of Life. And I do it in such a way I embrace all who cross paths with me, accepting them for exactly who they are. SO not easy at times, believe me, and yes I do fall. But in the fall I realize what I am doing and turn once again my heart to Love. I also turn to Mother as my means of Communication with the Divine. So much of what you see on my blog is my “church”. Sacred. As is Life. 🙂 ❤

    • It’s my pleasure to share, Amy. It’s my foremost responsibility as a Christian. I am glad we share the same sentiment and I agree with you. It is a beautiful message.
      We live in a sinful world and the fact that no one is perfect, we are bound to fall. We are the branches and God is the vine. That is why we need God in our lives. We can’t do it alone. Thanks so much sharing what’s in your heart, Amy. I so appreciate it. God bless you. Enjoy this beautiful Palm Sunday. 🙂

      • Just today I was questioning as I was doing laundry, how can anyone not walk with God? How do they do it? I couldn’t survive life without God so ever present at my side. We have been given so much power to bring Light and Love into the world as we follow the example of Jesus. Why do people turn their backs on this? I am so committed to be doing what I am in all aspects of my life and truth be told we all who are committed are walking the hero path. I’m so happy our paths have crossed. God shows me to reach out in ways that I am vague or speak in riddles so I can touch or rather God can touch through me anyone who comes to Petals regardless of where they are in their life journey.

      • Thank you for the beautiful words, Amy. I am elated to have crossed path with you as well. I believe everything happen for a reason. I am happy whatever the reason is. 🙂
        I’ve asked the same question myself. How can they not? How they do it?
        I’m sure they are not doing well. If they keep running away from the truth, they will never be set free. They will always feel a hole in their lives. They will ended up searching endlessly. They will sink deeper into sin and continue to despise God because they are blinded by the enemy’s lies. They blamed God for bad things that happened in their lives. If they only knew what we know or experienced, I am sure they will turn back to God and live beautiful lives.

      • And so that is where the POWER of prayer comes in, Anna. I’ve seen miracles through the power of prayer. It takes courage (the subject of a post that is coming soon) to see the Truth in order to change patterns. I’m reading a fascinating book right now regarding the dynamics behind shame. So much of what I am reading applies to so many people in today’s world. When we walk in shame we walk in the shadows of our past and without God’s Wings.
        Anyways …. SMILING …. I am not giving up HOPE that those who do not know the Mercy and Compassion of God will and soon. Our nation is begging for people to fall on their knees and get back with God. They will. I have no doubt in the Power of God. None. 🙂 ❤

      • Yes. I couldn’t agree more, Amy. God bless you. We can only pray for them. I’ve been hearing and reading about people who died and came back to life and have some message to share. I believe God is trying to tell or show those who do not know Him and living a sinful life to repent and to go back with God and be saved before it’s too late. We can only hope.

      • (smile) I’m one of those people, Anna, who died and came back. Before 1984 I was really messed up and so far from God it wasn’t funny. Not so afterwards. My NDE began my Healing Journey back to Source (the name I call God on my blog) and look where I am today. So, if God could take me, a sinner of all sinners, and get me to walk on the Higher Path, He surely can do it for anyone. The main message I came back with was: Do not go to your death bed with unforgiveness on your Heart. There is so much more, but that is for another day. And most of my messages on Petals the words I really “hear” and it is my belief it is Jesus who speaks to me. I also had a very very significant relationship with Him as a child, when I did not know who Jesus was. That too is for another day …… Love you, Sister!!! ❤

      • Wow! What an amazing experience! Thank you for sharing it with me, Amy. All of us can relate to Paul the apostle. He was persecuting Christians and yet, God chose him. That’s who God is. He’s awesome and forgiving God. He loves us unconditionally by dying on the cross. It’s beyond anyone can comprehend. I believe God chose Paul because of his heart. God looks at the heart. He knows and for the other reasons only Him knows.
        You should write about your experience, Amy. It might help someone. I, too, had an experience, but I will share later. Thanks again, Amy. God bless you. Love you too my sister in Christ. 🙂

      • In closing …. please know that when I jump into my blogging as I will be doing probably tomorrow, these one on one conversations are rare because of how many people comment on my blog. So when I do get a chance to have a lengthy beautiful conversation with a beautiful Soul such as yourself, I cherish it. I don’t want you to feel left out when I start my official blogging ….I’m like a torado at best. LOL Also, I THINK my post on courage will be published on Tuesday and that one a TON of comments will be forthcoming. YIKES! I am just so thrilled that another Sister of Christ has come across my path! How exciting!!! Thank you! ❤

      • Hi, Amy. Sorry. I had to leave abruptly. I had to take care of my little ones. They were bugging me for dinner. I just finished tidying up my kitchen. And now back to blogging. 😀
        Don’t worry about it. It is understandable. We can only do so much, especially me who have a lot of responsibilities at home and have to deal with health issues. I appreciate the one on one conversation with you my sister in Christ. 🙂 Thank you for your time, Amy. God bless you. I look forward to reading your post about courage on Tuesday. Have a wonderful week. 🙂

      • Thank you, Amy. That means so much to me. I’m glad you understand. Have a great Holy week. I won’t be back until next week to observe Holy Thursday and Good Friday as well as Easter. Wishing you a joyful and peaceful Easter. Take good care. 🙂

  3. Easter means a lot to me! Easter is the period when I can feel that body and soul are in tandem, that life is a constant struggle and that good always win against evil. It is a very special period, when people can stop for a while and think, pray, forgive and become a bit kinder towards each other. My spirit is high always during Easter period. Since I am eastern Orthodox, Easter for me will be only in May, so I have time to arrange my thoughts! A very lovely post, dear Anna!

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