I’m Back!

Hello! It’s been a while. I thought I would never come back. My first post of 2021. The year is almost over, but will just try to do the best I can for the remaining days of the year. I hope all are doing well and still blogging.

One thing I learned while in hiatus is to never give up on your GOD-given talent. If you are good at something, pursue it and hone your skills, expand, and don’t lose focus and do it to glorify GOD. It’s okay to take a break to spend time with GOD, your family, and to bring order to your life, but never give up on your talent. Always get back into it at each you be given an opportunity to do so.

I find it difficult each time I return, because I have to go back to step one. I will have to relearn how to navigate my dashboard all over again. While I was away someone changed the font in my blog. I am hoping that no one messed up my recipes or made changes to the measurements. If you ever try a recipe here and the result is not the same, know that all recipes on this blog has been taste-tested and I stand behind what I claim and all the photos shared here.

Anyway, for those who are still here and blogging all these years, you all deserve a pat in the back for not giving up. I encourage you all to keep going never forget to give GOD the glory because I learned that it is all from Him and none of us can do anything at all without Him giving us the strength, the ideas, and the means to make it happen. I’m sure some of you here have stories and the same experience.

I also would like to thank all my followers. I am not sure if all are still here. But, I appreciate those who stick with me throughout the years that I have been blogging and when I was in hiatus. For all my followers and new followers, thank you all for your unconditional support. It’s very much appreciated.

Today, I just wanted to share pictures of the new idea and recipe that GOD has given me. I say “given” because I would not be able to come up with such delicious treat without divine intervention. He makes everything delicious and beautiful. And, I am not ashamed to say so because it is the truth.

What is Bibingka? Bibingka is a Filipino dessert made with rice flour, wheat flour, eggs, sugar, butter, white cheese, and coconut baked in very high heat, topped with salted duck eggs or shredded fresh coconut and brown sugar and more cheese. It’s very popular among Filipinos and you’ll find it served, especially during the holidays like Christmas and New Year’s eve. This is the authentic recipe. It’s reinvented by adding secret ingredients and paired with White Chocolate and Coconut Buttercream to take it to the next level of deliciousness. And, oh.SO.Good!

Below are pictures of the Bibingka Cupcakes. This cupcake is so delicious. One bite and I wanted more. Yes! I actually ended up eating three cupcakes, which is so unlikely for me. They were that good. Thank you LORD Jesus.

This is all for now. Come and stop by my blog and say hello. I’d like to know who are still here blogging. Thank you and until next time.