The Goodness of the LORD

I just wanted to share something wonderful that GOD had done over the weekend of 4th of July.

We went to a family gathering in Michigan City. We arrived Friday night and went to my brother-in-law’s house by the lake the following day. Then, we went to the beach and just hang out with them. I saw my children searching for sea shells and beautiful stones. So, I decided to join them. While I was searching, I couldn’t help but wished it would be nice to find a heart shaped stone.

Just to fill you in, this is how the LORD Jesus communicates with me many times. He would show me hearts to remind me of His love. He is amazing.

I took this picture at a gas station when I stopped by to get gas. For some reason I looked up and this is what I saw. A heart rainbow. My jaw dropped. This followed me until I stopped at a grocery store.

I was cooking one day and needed some Laurel leaves and found a heart shaped Laurel leaf.
Another batch of rolls.
I baked some rolls and this is what I saw when I removed one of the rolls.

I have many more that I collected over the years, but shared only the most recent ones just to give you an idea on what I am talking about.

So, I thought of the impossible that day. Would I find one? What are the odds of finding one from hundreds of stones on the beach? Zero. However, it did not take me long to find one. I didn’t even have to look for hours to find one. I just walked and stopped at one place and there….a heart shaped stone! How could I ever find one? Only GOD. Isn’t He amazing? HalleluYAH!

Ah, the goodness of the LORD! He hears us when we talk to Him and He knows our heart desires and He gladly granted us. I was asking the impossible and He made it possible. Indeed, He is the GOD of the impossible. I give Him praise and glory. He is the greatest love one could ever have. It makes me wonder how can anybody not believe that He exists? I can not imagine my life without Him. He has done so much in my life and showed me wonderful things I did not know (Jeremiah 33:3). Thank you LORD Jesus. You are to be praised.

And….He gave us a beautiful sunset….

Thank you for reading. May you be blessed by this post.


Anna, Author of Anna’ Cuisine