Stuffed Honeynut Squash


Baked Honeynut squash filled with cooked organic oatmeal topped with super seeds (chia, flax, pumpkin, and sunflower) and drizzled with maple syrup. 

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Cassava Cupcakes Frosted Two ways

Filipino-inspired, drool- worthy, fluffy, moist, so easy to make and perfectly sweetened cupcakes made and frosted two ways. A great recipe for those who love semi-homemade and everything homemade. ❤


After a few days of gloomy weather, the glorious sunshine was finally out on Tuesday. It was a beautiful day.  The skies were clear and there was a touch of coolness in the air that reminds me winter will soon be here. I couldn’t help but take a picture of the beautiful sky and sunset when I went to drop off my children at church for their Religious Education class despite being sick.   I opened the sunroof of our vehicle and enjoyed it for a full hour. 😀

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Pumpkin Cassava Muffins


Autumn has arrived. Somehow, I wish summer would never end, but it does.  Soon, summer fruits will be no longer available and it would be too cold to go to the beach for a swim.  I can no longer go outdoors without grabbing a jacket or putting on my shoes, especially early morning and when the sun sets because it gets too cold. I will definitely miss the warm weather and all my favorite fruits such as berries, watermelons, cherries, and mango to name a few as well as going to the beach.

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Pumpkin Spice Frozen Treats

Summer is officially over.  However, since we are still experiencing warm weather in the afternoon, I thought of enjoying it by having something refreshing  while welcoming fall and  take pleasure in the season’s bounty: Pumpkin.

It was a busy day the other day, but I still decided to make Pumpkin Spice ice candy for my boys.  It didn’t cross my mind if I have ice candy bags. Well, I found out too late. So, I had this bowl of pumpkin spice mixture sitting in my kitchen that I didn’t know what to do with.  I was thinking of using Ziploc bags, but it would look too boring.  That’s when it hit me:  ice cube trays.  A great alternative if you don’t have ice candy bags, Popsicle mold or other kitchen gadgets for making frozen treats.

Anna's Cuisine

Above, is the pumpkin spice ice candy I made  last year.  I meant to post it, but didn’t get around to it until I misplaced my note in the process of packing our belongings for our “supposed” relocation plan. So, I tried making it again this year just in time for fall season where pumpkin is the favorite component for making recipes.

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Cinnamon Rolls Bread Pudding


Mouth-watering, crusty top, perfectly moist pudding with caramelized mixture of cinnamon, maple syrup and cream cheese. It is absolute perfection in taste and texture! 

Hello All!  I hope you are enjoying your extra day off.  I have been putting off my son’s request to bake some Cinnamon rolls because of the work involved.  I didn’t want to do it during school days. Well, it’s a three day weekend. I have an extra day to do things I needed to do before the children return to school.  So, I made Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast the other day. Yes, from scratch. 😀

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Cassava (Yucca) Fritters

Updated August 5, 2015

Asian-inspired fritters so moist, fluffy and delicious you would definitely want to keep with your recipe collection.


Anna’s Cuisine

Hello! I hope you are having a great summer.  It has been a very hectic summer for me.  I have so many appointments and adventures coming up.  But before I get busy again, I want to take advantage while I have the time by sharing one of the many new recipes I came up with.

I made some Cassava cupcakes, which I will be sharing in my future post, and I have about a cup of leftover cassava, so I thought of this recipe.  These fritters are like marshmallows, especially while you cook them.  They’re very soft then become dense as they cool.  My children and I really love them.

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Open-faced fried doughnuts topped with chocolate and chewy caramel bunny bites then coated with sugar.  

If you want to indulge into something new, there’s nothing more satisfying than sink your teeth into these luscious, velvety chocolate and chewy caramel doughnuts. However, I must warn you; these bites are not low in calories.  They’re rich, decadent, chewy with a crunch that will definitely make you swoon.  The catch?  They require extra steps to prepare, but there’s a good reason why.  I can assure you those extra steps are worth it.  I came up with this for Easter because we had so much chocolate candies. They’re perfect for the occasion or any party or gathering anytime. Children and adult alike will surely enjoy them.

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