The Greatest Gift

Hello all. Good morning. Does anyone notice how time flies nowadays? It seems like it was only the year 2020 a few months ago. The year 2021 came and went and now it’s 2022. I remember announcing my return to blogosphere and I can’t believe that was three months ago.

Anyway, a lot has happened in my life and today, I will share one with you. This happened in November 10, 2021. After dropping off my nephew’s birthday cake, I was driving back from North Carolina on Route 360 when all of a sudden someone threw a large rock as big as or a bit larger than a human’s head flying and I yelped and ducked down, so I won’t get hit. When things are happening, you wouldn’t be able to notice anything strange about the situation until you focus and think about what just happened. I said someone threw the rock because there was no way a rock that big would just fly by itself. There were no other cars around. It was only me. It was pitch black because there was no light on the road. However, I saw the rock and its size because of the light on the side of my car. I ducked down to avoid being hit, but something strange about the whole thing (but didn’t realize it at that time). All I heard was a very loud thud and my car moved from being hit and saw the rock, yelped and ducked down. I said, “That was a BIG rock!” But why it did not hit the driver side window? What was the loud thud or noise that hit my car? Well, I was not paying attention to the mysterious side of the event but instead, I was thinking the devil is mad and that he really hates me (people around me get mad for no reason). I also thought it might be one of those gang members who would throw something to hit your car so that you would stop and look at the damage and that’s when they attack and rob you–that kind of thought was in my mind. Anyway, I did not stop for obvious reason. So, I started thinking about the damage and that we have to fix the car and my husband getting mad etc…My mind was racing. But, managed to still gave thanks to GOD for protecting me and keeping me safe.

When I reached town, I stopped at McDonald to check the damage and LO AND BEHOLD! THERE WAS NO DAMAGE IN MY CAR!! As big as the rock I saw, there should be a damaged to my car. But, there is none! HalleluYah! This is when I started thinking about the whole thing. And the reason to why something was strange about it. Because why did I see the rock? It supposed to hit my car and come down without seeing it. Right? Why did I see it and why was it flying after the loud thud? I believe that it was a divine protection (Psalm 91 promise). God was there that night. Our GOD Emmanuel (God is with us). And I just want to give GOD the glory and praise for what He has done. Thank you LORD for sending Your angels to protect me. I am in awe of How awesome our GOD is. Indeed, His goodness is beyond comprehension! HalleluYah!

I am sharing this because if you think GOD does not exist, think again. How do you explain what happened? Who protected me while the car was in motion? Why there is no damage?

Anyway, it did not stop there. The following day, I went online and saw a post that said I should give thanks to GOD for protecting me from harm. After reading the post, I mean the irony of it all. I couldn’t help but feeling grateful. It was a confirmation for me that GOD did it. He protected me. And I am not ashamed to share my experience because He basically give me the greatest gift, which is His love. And He proved it that night. He gave me my LIFE by protecting me.

May you be blessed. May this true event helps you to believe that GOD exist and that He loves you very much. He is merciful, faithful, loving, and true to His word and promises. I give Him praise. HalleluYah! Amen.