Color Me Purple

I have been extremely busy the past few weeks that my body finally gave in with a headache and sniffles.  I wanted to stay in bed and get more sleep yesterday, but I had to rise, so I could bake my sister’s birthday cake. It was her birthday yesterday. Good thing I bought her flowers beforehand.

I could barely function in the kitchen.  I didn’t have any idea how her cake should look like.  I just worked with whatever I’ve got here at home for decorations. To my surprise, I managed to create a beautiful and delicious cake. I remember her love of nature and favorite color purple, so I cut some fresh flowers for the top of the cake and placed a pink butterfly on the edge.  I used small purple fondant flowers to decorate around the the bottom.  I also made her French macarons and placed them in a festive, birthday favor bags. I basically colored her day purple with her favorite treats. 🙂  Happy belated birthday Sister Elsa!

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