100th Post, Homemade Organic Blueberry Syrup, Spiced Tofu Scramble, Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner Ideas


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I finally hit the 100 Post mark.  A big thank you to all my readers and followers for your continued support.  Your visits, compliments, encouragement and kind words are such an inspiration and have helped me made this post possible.  I hope I have inspired some of you in some way and have helped you discover new cooking techniques and new recipes.  I hope that you will continue to support and follow me in my journey.  God bless you all.



Photo Courtesy by Google.com

To celebrate the occasion, I want to share some food ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks.  Links are provided below for some of the recipes you may be interested in.

And here’s our 1st featured recipe, HOMEMADE ORGANIC BLUEBERRY SYRUP.

Making a homemade blueberry syrup is much easier than you think.  Yes! Really!  Just put all the ingredients in a pot and cook it until the sauce thickens and Voila!  Syrup!

As I was reminiscing grade school, I thought of the time when we were asked to make a DIY (Do-it-yourself) Pineapple jelly in Home Economics class.  It just so happened my son, while eating pancakes,  asked me if I can make a different syrup other than the store bought, Maple syrup I always served their pancakes with.  Talk about perfect timing.  I immediately thought of making blueberry syrup.  Something fruity and full of flavor instead of watery, sticky liquid you never know if the ingredients listed on the label is truly what you get.  I promised my son I’d make it for him.  So here we go. Real, organic Blueberry Syrup made with only four ingredients using the same process I did in my Home Economics class in grade school.


The only problem was, my son preferred a smooth syrup.  He doesn’t like anything gritty or full of lumps.  So after the syrup was cooked, I had to put the mixture in a blender (or you can use a food processor) and processed  it until smooth or free of lumps.  This is an optional step if you prefer otherwise.  Then, I transferred the syrup into a jug and drizzled it on the pancakes.

Devour all the delicious, fluffy pancakes smothered with thick, fruity, all natural syrup.  Mmm…so…delicious!


This syrup would be delicious on Quinoa waffles  as well.


Combine 1 cup of organic sugar (available at Costco), 1 cup water, and 3 fl. cups organic blueberries, and 2 cinnamon sticks into a medium pan.  Bring to a boil.  Stir.  Continue to cook until the sauce thickens.  If you prefer a thinner syrup, reduce the blueberries to 2 cups. 

Just in case you are wondering, I transferred the blueberry syrup in a larger pot because I didn’t want it to overflow.


Look at those mouth-watering pancakes smothered with pure blueberry syrup! Oh, gawd! Beam me up Scotty! 🙂

Our second featured recipe:     Spiced Tofu Scramble

A healthy breakfast great for vegetarians and to those who are trying to shed some extra pounds.  This recipe is a great alternative to scrambled eggs.

Tofu Scramble

Spiced Tofu Scramble


  • 7 oz. (1/2 of package) Organic Tofu
  • 2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin spice
  • 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric spice
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/2 teaspoon chicken bouillon( optional. You may use salt instead)
  • 1 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1/2 stalk of organic green onions, thinly cut
  • 1 teaspoon chopped organic rosemary
  • salt and pepper to taste

Place the tofu on cheesecloth or two layers of paper towel on the cutting board.  Wrap the tofu with the cheesecloth or paper towel.   Wring and squeeze the paper towel or cheesecloth to remove excess liquid from the tofu.  Place in a bowl.  Crumble the tofu using your hands.  Add the turmeric, cumin, ginger, and chicken bullion into the bowl with tofu.  Stir to incorporate.  Set aside.  Heat a skillet over medium heat and coat  with olive oil when hot.  Add the garlic and green onions.  Saute until garlic turns brown.  Add the tofu and rosemary.  Cook until just heated through.  Serve warm with multigrain toast and half of orange or grapefruit.  Enjoy!


I will be posting the Quinoa and Tofu Breakfast Casserole recipe soon.

There you have it.  I hope you like this post and that you enjoy exploring my blog as much as I enjoyed sharing my delectable, mouth watering recipes.  If you like this post or my blog, please don’t forget to Subscribe to get the latest recipes.  Thank you for following Anna’s Cuisine.  Have a great day!


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18 thoughts on “100th Post, Homemade Organic Blueberry Syrup, Spiced Tofu Scramble, Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner Ideas

  1. Congrats on publishing your 100th post — and what a way to celebrate!!! Both recipes sound great, though, like your Son, I’d much prefer your blueberry syrup with my pancakes. 🙂

    • Hello, John. Welcome back I’m glad you stopped by. Thank you for the kind words. Yes, both my son preferred the blueberry syrup than maple. It’s now their favorite. I’m glad you’re back, John. I saw your latest post and oh, my goodness! What a gorgeous dish! Can’t wait to see what you are cooking up next. 🙂

  2. Pingback: Quinoa and Tofu Breakfast Casserole | Anna's Cuisine

  3. Anna, congrats!!!!!! You’re doing a great job in here- I just wish we had lived closer so I could just drop by and taste some of your delicious food!
    have a great day!

    • Hello, Kang Ju-Won. Thank you for stopping by to congratulate me on my 100th post. I’m glad that you like what I’ve done here. The scrambled tofu is a great recipe. It’s lighter and some of the ingredients have health benefits. It’s now on my “favorite” breakfast list. Thanks again, Ju-Won. Have a fabulous weekend.

    • Hello there my PRCCSS! 🙂 I’m so happy you stopped by and congratulate me on my 100th post. You have always been there, Shanna. I am so grateful for all the “likes” and kind words. I can’t thank you enough, but I will say the words anyway. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, and more thank you. 🙂

      It’s my pleasure to share my creation to all. It’s not for me to keep them after all. The higher authority wanted me to do so and that was one other reason why I decided to blog. 🙂 By doing so, it has been an eye opener in more ways than one.

      Shanna, all the suggested breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas have helped me shed a pound and a half in three days without exercise. I felt lighter when I woke up this morning. So, this gives me another idea on what to blog about since it’s all related to food.

      Thanks again for the visit, Shanna. I will be blogging about your sauce soon. 🙂 Have a great day, PRCCSS. 🙂
      ~ Anna

      • Hi, Anna,
        You know, your blog was my one of my very first “blog loves”! It’s fabulous. I do go into a bit of withdrawal between posts. 😉
        Oh, gosh, those dreaded, extra winter pounds. I feel you, PRCC soul sister! 🙂 Two new finds for me: winter squashes are incredibly healthy, so we have been roasting lots with our handy misto EVOO sprayer. Also, farro is a nice alternative grain… quite high in protein (10 grams, like quinoa!).
        Keep up the blogging, the living, the laughing, the fun.
        Happy (almost) TGIF.
        Besos! Shanna

      • Hi, Shanna! I can’t blame you, I do the same mainly because I have other responsibilities. I can’t be on the computer for very long, but I do go back from time to time just to check and would only reply to all comments when I have time to really sit down in front of the computer.
        I lost another 2 lbs. overnight. A total of 3 1/2 lbs weight loss in 4 days. I went to the gym for an hour of weight lifting exercise yesterday and had poached salmon with vegetables without carbohydrates for dinner. I still have Saturday and Sunday to make it one week since I started in my journey to weight loss and I already lost 3 1/2 lbs.
        Winter squashes are definitely healthy and delicious as well. I’m using extra virgin olive oil too, but not the spray kind.
        I tried farro before, but my family didn’t like it. Long story. They love couscous and quinoa mixed with brown rice and sometimes wild rice.
        The sun is out and it’s my dearest friend’s birthday today. I thought I wouldn’t be able to attend her birthday (my health issue I mentioned to you flared up last night). I am going to surprise her with a homemade chocolate cake with ganache frosting, topped with strawberries. Can’t wait for her to try it. 🙂 I will reply to your other comments when I get back. Have a blessed day!
        ~Best, PRCCSS.

    • Hi, Ngan! I’m so happy you stopped by. Thanks for congratulating me. It has been an amazing journey for me so far. Blogging is not only to showcase my creation and ideas, but also an outlet when life gets a little crazy. I’m so glad to have met a community in blogosphere world with the same interests. It makes it more worthwhile. I hope to bring this blog of mine into something more in the future. I have a long way to go, but I have faith and the drive, so I guess it will do. Thank you so much, Ngan. I appreciate the follow, all the “likes” and kinds words. It’s your turn to publish that soup. 🙂 Best wishes!

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